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Shops Auxiliary Volunteers

The combined efforts of Vics Coffee Shop and Rainbows Kiosk
raise approximately $400,000 each year

Volunteers Required

Rainbows Shop and Vic’s Coffee Shop are located in the main foyers and provide an efficient, cost effective and convenient retail service selling gifts, magazines, flowers, drinks, light food, snacks and personal care items. Vic’s Coffee Shop is open five days per week and Rainbows is open seven days per week including some public holidays. Volunteers may assist with food preparation (sandwiches, rolls and salads etc), counter service, operating the cash registers, stock control and general cleaning within the shops.

The Shops Auxiliary provides an essential service to Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) staff, patients and families and through their work raise approximately $400,000 each year.

Over 120 volunteers give their time, talent and creativity to contribute approximately 28,000 hours of service each year. The average shift is for four hours and all volunteers undertake a specific training program to ensure they have the skills required. All new volunteers are given a manual and appropriate duty statement. Further in service training is also provided as required.

The shops volunteers are provided with free car parking.

The Shops Volunteer Service for The Friends of WCH adheres to the National Standards for involving volunteers in not-for-profit organisations, as part of their quality management practices.

Police checks are required for all volunteers. The cost for the clearance is covered by the WCH and lasts for a period of 3 years.

For additional information please click on the link below or call the Friends office on 8161 8445.