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The Friends of WCH where pleased to be the first story aired for National Volunteer Week (NVW) 21st -27th May 2018 by the Channel 10 news. The story acknowledge the amazing contribution the Friends Shops Auxiliary Division provides to the hospital each year. Also highlighted was the requirement for more volunteers  to support the daily operations of both shops and to maintain current opening hours. The response has been very encouraging so far with applications now being forwarded to all that applied. The shops are an integral part of the overall fund raising conducted by the Friends, contributing 80% of the total amount raised. On average 27,000 volunteer hours are required each year to maintain the excellent service and quality of food provide. The Friends are extremely grateful for the dedicated group of volunteers that continue to support the shops and in particular those assisting with the covering of vacant shifts. The shops provide the opportunity for volunteers to learn new skills, make new friends, improve confidence and feel a real sense of giving back to the community. The Friends would also like to thank all its 600 members throughout the state that assist the Friends in raising on average $350,000 each year which is donated to the hospital.

If you would like to become a volunteer or  a member please email the Friends office for an application form.