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Last year the Shops Auxiliary Division raised $1,918 from the sale of the Entertainment Memberships. This year the shops are aiming to raise another $2,000 to support the purchase of a Home Ventilator.

Anthony, Entertainment Publications Account Manager presents the cheque from last year’s sales to Andrew, Friends Business Manager and Christine, Rainbows Shop Volunteer.

This important piece of equipment will be purchased for children that need assistance with their breathing at home. This equipment can provide that assistance with warmed, humidified air being delivered with very precisely controlled pressure and flow. Providing this type of support at home can prevent long stays in hospital, getting children home earlier, back to the surroundings that suit them best.

To purchase a membership please click here or you can visit either the Rainbows or Vic’s volunteer shops located at the hospital. Memberships are $70 with 20% from each one sold going to the target.

Not only are you contributing to a great cause but you will also be receiving $20,000 in discounts.

Thank you to all those that purchased memberships last year.