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The beautiful gardens of Carrick Hill provided the ideal backdrop for the Queen Victoria Auxiliary (QVA) Morning tea. The 200 guests attending enjoyed a welcome glass of champagne whilst listening to the String Duet playing on the Terrace.

The Q&A Session with Paul Vasileff, designer behind the Paolo Sebastian label followed with the interview led by Dr Nick Prescott. The interview provided the opportunity to find out more about Paul and how his passion for fashion has led him to become a international icon which captivates clientele and media alike with his whimsical designs and expert tailoring.

The success from this event would not have been possible without the amazing support from the sponsors on the day which included Roofclimb Adelaide Oval, Blanco, Carrick Hill and Hentley Farm Wines.  The dedicated QVA committee members raised $8449 on the day. These funds will allow for the purchase of a Resuscitation Cot Monitor for the Women’s and Babies’ Division

Resuscitation cots come equipped with an amount of monitoring capability, but there are some occasions where more is needed.  These ‘add on’ units will increase the monitoring ability to the point where the sickest babies undergoing resuscitation will be able to be comprehensively monitored at all times.

The QVA committee would also like to thank the staff of Carrick Hill for their support of this event.

Thank you to all involved and to all that attended, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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