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Committee members from the Queen Victoria Auxiliaries Division presented a new Resuscitation Cot to the Neo Natal Unit of the Women’s and Babies Division. Thanks to the amazing fund raising efforts of the committee funds raised throughout the 2016/17 financial year allowed for the purchase of the cot, freight for a Fold Away Bed $195 and a Sophie Birthing Trainer for the Delivery Suit $7682.32 bringing the total amount donated to the Division to  $32,877.

Well done to all the ladies and their supporters for this fantastic achievement. Committee members present (from left to right) Kerin Haslam, Di Moore, Penny Lenthall, Mary Haas and Judy Burchard. Committee members that were not able to be present but also assisted with fund raising throughout the year are Heather Wheatley, Anne Bilyk, Aggie Bampton, Mary Mac Kenzie, Kathy Orfanos, Bronwyn Plowman, Chris Sedunary, Briony Williams and Belinda Wylde.

If you would like to get involved with the committee and assist with fund raising for the hospital please contact the Friends office on 8161 8445.