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The Friends are pleased to be supporting the purchase of the updated equipment for the hospitals  Telehealth Conference room, which once again demonstrate how all South Australians benefit from the funds raised by our hard working members throughout the state.

Telehealth provides remote delivery of health services via video and telecommunications technologies. Consumers in remote areas are able to receive health services conveniently, reducing time and travel requirements. Similar to any normal face-to-face consultation with a health professional, private or sensitive treatment issues can be discussed during a video conference consultation. Privacy and confidentially are maintained at all times.

The SA Digital Telehealth Network greatly improves patient access to a range of clinical services, otherwise not offered in their locality. Country consumers now have better access to metro-based specialist services from their local hospital or health center, and the list of specialties is increasing.

The Telehealth network currently has 220 video conferencing units situated in SA country and metropolitan health sites. It can deliver a range of healthcare services across SA Health, including: mental health, medical oncology, radiation oncology, burns support, renal services, rehabilitation, allied health, haematology, pain assessment, spinal assessment, emergency retrieval and afterhours GP support for emergency departments.

A recent report highlighted that, between 3rd  September 2018 and 2nd November 2018, there were a total of 34 Telehealth bookings which accommodated 55 different site connections. Of these bookings, 13 were clinical, 3 were operational business and 18 were for training and education purposes. This is an average of 3.78 Telehealth sessions per week. It is estimated that these will increase dramatically in 2019.

Sites that have connected to the WCH Telehealth Seminar Room include Berri, Murray Bridge and Port Lincoln among others. It is expected that contact with rural/regional sites will increase in 2019 as Women’s and Children’s Health Network services make use of the updated Digital Telehealth Network provided by Friends, for more clinical purposes.

Friends have allocated $9,500 for Telehelath equipment to date with additional funds of $32,958 pending to be allocated within the first year which include hardware, software and running costs of the system.

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